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Klaus Tritschler

Director of International Communications

In the course of rejuvenating the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs by adopting modern strategies and ideas, President Yam Atallah appointed Klaus Tritschler to the new role of Director of International Communications.

A Member of the Conseil d’Administration and currently Bailli Délégué of Germany, Klaus has a long tradition in the Chaîne having been inducted in 1985 by the founder Jean Valby. He joined as a Chevalier and was promoted to Bailli then Chancelier before becoming Bailli Délégué. He has learned from scratch to solve problems and answer questions.

As well as being a member of the International Board, he is an active member of the organising committees of the International Jeunes Chefs Competition and the International Jeunes Sommeliers Competition. These roles have made him known and respected throughout the worldwide brotherhood that is the Chaîne.

It is for these attributes that President Atallah considered Klaus best suited to act as a link between the Bailliages worldwide. The intention is for him to be the person for Bailliages to turn to when questions arise concerning the organisation of Chapitres and Inductions as well as matters relating to promotions or membership, amongst other areas of administration.

Klaus speaks English, French and of course German … an essential asset for international communications.

If you need assistance, Klaus can be contacted by e-mail at: