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Slovenia Dinner

Maribor, February 17, 2012

Maribor, the second largest Slovenian city, has many things to be proud of. Besides the nice old town, a ski resort and beautiful surroundings, one of the most interesting sights in town is Europe’s oldest grapevine. More than 400 years old it still bears grapes that are harvested and made into wine. Many cuttings from the vine are now growing around the globe.

It is not a coincidence then that Maribor was chosen as European Capital of Culture 2012. However, if Maribor is the capital of culture we can also say that Restaurant Rožmarin is Maribor’s capital of gastronomy. The owner Saša Arsenovic and his team prepared for us a well-balanced, sophisticated menu.

On arrival we were welcomed with a sublime tuna tartare with horseradish foam accompanied by Deutz Champagne poured from magnums.

After a fish course of baked cod and a main course of tender rump steak.

There followed a very interesting combination of two French and two Slovenian cheeses (Nanoški sir and Tolminc - both with Protected Geographical Status confirmed by the European Union).

A pleasant evening concluded with a dessert that was an interpretation of the classic Slovenian dessert, prekmurska gibanica – a layered cake from the Prekmurje region. With this dessert the Rožmarin Chefs demonstrated their creative talents by updating the traditional Slovenian gastronomic cultural heritage with a modern, innovative cuisine.


As well as the innovative menu, three classic French wines made the event outstanding:
- Clos Canon 2002, Saint-Emilion (magnum) ... the second  wine of the Premier Grand Cru Classé Château Canon
- Château Rauzan-Segla 1999, Margaux 2nd Growth (magnum)
- Château Doisy-Védrines 2007, Barsac

Nina Kumse, Dame de la Chaîne                                                   Photos by Tomaž Dular, Officier