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Norway Mini-Cruise

From Oslo to Kiel, March 10-12, 2012

The Bailliage of Oslo has a long tradition of Gourmet Cruises with Color Line on its luxurious cruise ferries from Oslo to Kiel.

Boarding for our most recent cruise we were heartily welcomed with a glass of sparkling wine when meeting the ship’s officers and managers, many of whom are old friends. Having set sail we then enjoyed lunch and the magnificent panorama from the ship’s viewing lounge high above the Oslo Fjord.

At the Grand Dîner on the first night and the Dîner Amical on the return trip, Maître Rôtisseur Tore Jarl Pedersen and his chefs had as usual prepared exquisite menus especially for our group. Front of house, Officier Maître Restaurateur Walter Wassertheurer and his brigade take great pride in making our time on board and the dinners the most delightful events.

Besides the top-class food and wine at the formal dining events, our special Chaîne programme always includes cultural events such as wine, whisky or champagne tastings, cocktail mixing, etc. In addition to the many leisure activities on board, there is a musical show, the opportunity for dancing the night away and of course the fresh sea air strolling on the deck (weather permitting of course!).

All these elements make the MS Color Magic cruise a popular annual event with the members. It is, however, preferable that the group does not exceed 40 in order for the chefs to be able to prepare high-class gourmet food on a small scale.

For future voyages, we have the idea for Chaîne members from the Kiel region in Germany to join us for one of our cruises. Why not sail from Kiel to Oslo and then join us for the return trip to take part in all the exciting activities on board culminating with the Grand Dîner?

Bon Voyage!

Leif Evensen, Chancelier Honoraire

Color Line is, we believe, the Chaîne ‘establishment’ with the most members.

Captain Erling B. Hansen, Officier; Walter Wassertheurer, Officier Maître Restaurateur; Harald Myhre, Maître Hôtelier; Tom Granerød, Maître Hôtelier; Kjell Jan Ask, Maître Hôtelier; Bjørn Weistad, Maître Hôtelier; Dan Werner Mork, Maître Restaurateur; Anne Berit Bukten, Maître Restaurateur; Nils Dalen, Maître Restaurateur; Gunnar Persson, Maître Rôtisseur; Tore Jarl Pedersen, Maître Rôtisseur; Tore Reisersølmoen, Chef Rôtisseur; Leif-Tore Therkilsen, Chef Rôtisseur; Barry Yates, Chef de Table; Rune Johansen, Chef de Table; Erik Mortensen, Chef de Table