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Indonesia Dinner

Bailliage of Bali - Ubud, May 14, 2012

Mozaic in my opinion is one of the best restaurants on Bali – maybe even the best. Chris Salans, the restaurant’s American/Swiss owner and Head Chef has lived on the island for most of his life. He has developed a style of food that is unique. It is beautifully prepared and presented with such good service that made Mozaic has become famous for it.

The description “French cuisine with local spices” is perhaps the best one can manage in a few words but the style is much more than that. If you ever come to Bali it is a must that you should experience it yourself … just ask for the Chef’s Menu. No matter which one you choose it will be an adventure for your palate.

Our Bailliage of Bali dinner in the show kitchen was not in fact cooked by Chris, but by his business partner and co-Chef, Renaud Le Rosle. With six kitchen assistants, a head butler and one waiter for every four diners, we enjoyed an excellent and very smooth service!

The menu comprised:
- Char-grilled prawn tartare
- Indian Ocean coral trout
- Javanese farm quail pastilla with foie gras 
- Roast sirloin of Wagyu beef
- French A.O.C. St Vernier cheese
- Valrhona chocolate fondant

The food and wines served were first class as expected. Compliments are very much due to the Mozaic team and to Chef Renaud at its head on the night. You outdid yourselves again!

Indriyani Siddik, Chargée de Missions