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Finland Cookery for Children

Lahti, May 12, 2012

“Take a bunch of ingredients and a bucket of knowledge from the Chaîne des Rotîsseurs. Cook on a big stove, stew with warmth and enjoy together the best company”. This was the principle of the incredibly rewarding event.

On the day before Mothers’ Day the Baillige of Lahti organized an “experimental lunch experience” for children aged between 10 and 11 years old … and for their parents.

Such was the response that 18 children prepared a festive lunch with the help and guidance of Chaîne members. Once prepared, the food was served to the children and their families, some 140 people in all!

Bailli Arja Hornborg and Vice-Conseiller Culinaire Sami Häkkinen planned the menu together with the children based on ingredients they had selected. The preparation of the lunch, setting the tables and decorating the dining room was also done by the children accompanied by Chaîne members and catering students from Salpaus Further Education.

This children’s cooking event has been organized in Lahti since 2003 with children from a different schools each year. It has always received enthusiastic support from the parents who encourage the children to take delight in preparing the food.

Bailli Arja Hornborg said, “Our goal is to create the opportunity for the children to get excited about cooking and to highlight the meaning of dining together with the whole family. The children are usually happy to realise that it is possible to cook their favourite foods themselves and it is not as difficult as might be expected.”

The Bailliage of Lahti very much appreciates the generosity of Vääksyn Mylly, Vihertukku Oy, Metro, Hämeen kala and Kespro.grateful – local companies which willingly donated the ingredients for the menu.

Johanna Hornborg, Chargé de Presse