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Philippe Desgeorges

Introducing the Chaîne's Secretary-General

Philippe Desgeorges joined the Chaîne as Secretary-General in February 2012.

Born in Paris, Philippe trained at the prestigious Glion Hotel School in Switzerland. In his hospitality industry career, Philippe has worked in Vietnam and Cambodia where he was in charge of six deluxe hotels and has been a Hotel Development Manager & Senior Consultant in Paris and Brussels.

He has a wide range of skills in hotel management, marketing but also in finance. He is therefore able to lead and develop a proactive service delivery culture based on excellent customer service, best practice and innovation.

With this extensive experience in hospitality and management, he is ideally suited to the Chaîne. He brings to the post of Secretary-General strong experience in project-based development and the ability to operate comfortably and effectively in a multi-cultural environment. Philippe is pictured here with President Yam Atallah.

One of Philippe’s many projects was to examine in detail the office administration and to put forward many practical and far-reaching proposals, particularly concerning the evolution and the modernization of the Chaîne.

Now, several months into his new post with the Chaîne, he has been providing an extremely enthusiastic input to the Chaîne management and many of his ideas and proposals are coming to fruition or are in the course of being implemented.

And last but not least, Philippe is a genuine epicurean. Another plus point!

Marie Jones
Managing Editor, Chaîne News On-line