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Canada/USA Dinner

USA Culinary Arts Cruise – Eve of cruise in Vancouver

On July 4, the eve of the departure of the Bailliage of the USA’s 2012 Culinary Arts Cruise – and of course also Independence Day in the USA – a group of Chaîne members from the USA joined the Bailliage of Vancouver for a “Floating Assemblage Sail Away” Gala Reception and Dinner at the Delta Burnaby.

With the members from the USA in Vancouver ready to set sail to Alaska and back, it seemed like an excellent idea to join the two events and have the groups meet.

The dinner was therefore jointly organised by Stephen Tredwell, Bailli of Vancouver, and Michael Martello, Bailli Provincial of the USA’s Pacific Northwest.

Together with the outstanding culinary team at the Delta Burnaby under the outstanding leadership of Executive Chef Daniel Craig, Maître Rôtisseur, they presented a dinner which was compared to and in some cases exceeded the quality of the dinners which many of us experienced in Paris during the international gathering in May 2012.

Joining the groups were:
- David Tetrault, Member of the Conseil d’Administration, Bailli Délégué of Canada, who had flown in from Calgary;
- George Brown, Member of the Conseil d’Administration, Bailli Délégué of the USA, with his wife, Elizabeth Brown,
    Officier, who had flown in from Seattle;
- Philip Evins, Member of the Conseil Magistral, Bailli Délégué of Great Britain, with his wife, Janet Evins, Bailli
    of Wessex, who were on vacation in the area.

The Culinary Arts Cruise 2013 will set off from England and terminate in Denmark. Given the presence of the respective Baillis Délégués at the dinner event, US Chaîne Foundation Chairman Shelly Margolis took the opportunity to oversee a “hand-over” from Canada (departure point for the 2012 cruise) to Great Britain for the 2013 cruise.

David Tétrault, Bailli Délégué of Canada