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Slovenia Dinner

Bakovci, April 13, 2012

The Bailliage of Slovenia traditionally ensures that its April event is a dinner at Gostilna Rajh in Bakovci, a village in beautiful countryside of the north-eastern part of the country.

Founded in 1886 Gostilna Rajh has a long family tradition and Tanja and Damir Pintarič are now the fourth generation that runs the gostilna (inn). Tanja’s father Ignac still keeps a watchful eye on their work and represents a guiding light for the future development of the inn. The specialty of Gostilna Rajh is not only in respecting and nourishing the traditional gastronomy of the Prekmurje region, but also the ability to raise this gastronomy to a higher, exquisite level.

On arrival, a nice welcome on the porch was a tasting of natural sparkling mineral waters, which reminded us that we are in the part of Slovenia that has abundance of suitable springs.

Suitably refreshed and intrigued by the nuances of the different waters, we launched into an eight-course menu:

- Thin slices of goose breast on fresh spring vegetables

- Soup made of smoked ribs with carrot, thyme and buckwheat

- Pasta with poppy seeds on a cream of young nettles and spinach served with Kranjska klobasa
   (a speciality Slovenian sausage)

- Boiled beef with white and red radish, chive, raspberry vinegar and pumpkin seed oil

- Salad of beetroot, turnip, fried potato slices and other fresh, seasonal ingredients

- Crunchy suckling pig with fennel

- Cold rice cappuccino

- “Sweetdwich” (a composition of the words “sweet” and “sandwich”!)
    A sweet sandwich with Valhrona Caraibe chocolate cream, meringue and hazelnut filling

Slovenian wines, especially from Chaîne member producer, Steyer, accompanied the courses.

It was a most pleasant evening which finished with a nice surprise: a performance by “Mlada Langa” - a group of young Roma musicians. 

Nina Kumše, Dame de la Chaîne                                                               Photos by Tomaž Dular, Officer