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Ecuador Dinner

Guayaquil, June 12 and 13, 2012

The opening event for our 2012-2013 programme was a “Mediterranean Tasting Dinner” at Restaurant Post in Guayaquil. Chef Juan Carlos Ordonez, 26, became the youngest chef we have had cooking for us.

He had conceived a special menu highlighting the tastes of the Mediterranean:

- Smoked octopus with ink and emulsion of green olives with red pepper, onions, roasted tomatoes and saffron

- Cream of pumpkin and asparagus, field and portobello mushrooms with white truffle

- Pernod granité

- Foie gras terrine with sherry gêlée, garlic confit, peach puree, thyme, hazelnut praline

- Lechon roasted with citrus marinade, served with polenta in romesco sauce and crispy prosciutto

- Green apple sorbet on an almond crumble with crunchy orange and a caramel coulis

- Cheese platter: Camembert, Feta, Gorgonzola, Manchego

For the dessert, Juan Carlos was delighted to accept an offer of assistance from Chef Antonio Blanco, an experienced Maître Pâtissier and a fellow Chaîne Professional member.

Given the enthusiastic demand for places and the limited seating available in the restaurant, it was decided to split into two groups those wishing to attend. The dinner was thus served on consecutive evenings – a novel experience!

Both evenings resulted in “above and beyond expectations” comments from the 54 members and guests (25 on June 12 and 29 on June 13) who attended the two events.

Nicolás Romero Ordeñana
Chargé de Presse