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International Headquarters - Paris

Introducing the staff members

Emmanuelle Dufour, Office Manager

Emmanuelle joined the Chaîne in 2009 Bi-lingual in French and English she has a wide portfolio of duties.

As Secretary to the International Board of Directors, she issues the meeting notices, takes the minutes and coordinates the written consultations to approve the appointment of new Baillis Délégués

A significant part of her workload is coordinating the organization of every Chapitre held around the world from including the event in the Chapitre Calendar through preparing the Induction list and concluding with updating the statistical analysis of attendance together with the recall of unused ribbons and medals/insignia.

As Office Manager, Emmanuelle manages the general e-mails/phone calls received, resolves member login queries and prepares ad hoc translations.

Arranging the distribution of the Professional Plaques and managing the donations made to the ACCR (the Association Caritative de la Chaîne des Rôtisseurs – the Chaîne charity), providing support to the managing committees of the International Jeunes Chefs Rôtisseurs and Jeunes Sommeliers Competitions, are also important elements in Emmanuelle’s portfolio of duties.

Lastly, once a year there are the formalities and reservations for the International General Assembly to attend to.


Sokoma Loch, Accountant

Sokoma has been a key member of the team at the International headquarters since joining the Chaîne in 1988.

She is responsible for all accounting matters for the Chaîne in general and for the specific entities that are the Chaîne Boutique and the ACCR (the Association Caritative de la Chaîne des Rôtisseurs – the Chaîne charity).


Bernadette Louit, Clerk

Bernadette has a varied range of duties in support of the accounting function, the organization of Chapitres and the preparation of membership cards.

She prepares the Chaîne invoices and co-ordinates shipments worldwide – especially of Chapitre “kits” (ribbons, awards and diplomas). She is involved in maintaining the inventory of ribbons and other stock items and re-orders from suppliers when necessary.

Bernadette also shares with Michèle Racine the significant task that is the preparation of the membership cards.

She joined the Chaîne in 1987.


Michèle Racine, Clerk

Already an employee with 32 years’ service to the Chaîne, Michèle has the key role of updating the membership database with worldwide admissions/promotions for the Chaîne and the Ordre Mondial. She also prepares the membership cards and the diplomas for new and promoted members, as well as being responsible for day to day office duties, eg the post.