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Ecuador Dinner

Guayquil, July 10, 2012

Almost 70 members with their guests enjoyed a wonderful dinner that was held at the Restaurant Le Gourmet - one of the most reputed restaurants in Guayaquil - at the Hotel Oro Verde. With a perfect location facing the ocean, the hotel and its restaurants are renowned for being where elegant European service meets warm Ecuadorean hospitality.

The majority of the ingredients had to be imported, which in itself demanded excellent co-ordination and communication for over two months between Chef Antonio Perez (Chef Rôtisseur), Vasco Baselli (Maître Hôtelier) - the hotel’s General Manager, and Bailliage officers.

The menu for the wonderful dinner that had been so long in the planning comprised:

- Poached prawns with truffled romanesco

- Corvina with a champagne sabayon, tapioca and caviar

- Foie gras with candied beets, apples, cheese and watercress

- Grapefruit and pink pepper sorbet

- Glazed galantine of quail on a creamy pine nut praline with chanterelles and corn gratin

- White chocolate mousse with saffron, grapes and almond twist

It was a splendidly-conceived event with the centrepiece being the menu executed perfectly by Chef Perez and his brigade. No wonder the restaurant has such a good reputation!

Nicolás Romero Ordeñana
Chargé de Presse