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Kenya Dinner

Mombasa, September 8, 2012

General Manager Tim Challen extended a very warm welcome to members and their guests inviting them to experience the unique atmosphere of the Swahili Beach Resort.

                                                                                                                                      Photo (c) Swahili Beach Resort
Much thought had gone into the planning of the excellent menu which included:

- Ginger and lime-infused chilled carrot soup with coconut milk
- Grilled baby lobster
- Water-melon Daiquiri
- Pan-seared duck breast with honey
- Baobab fruit and pistachio mousse in a cinnamon-scented chocolate
... (an amazing dessert!)

The courses were appropriately paired with well-chosen wines.

At the end of the evening, Mrs Shabnam Nayer, Bailli of Mombasa, commended Tim Challen and his team for an outstanding evening featuring as it did excellent skills in the kitchen and an impeccable simultaneous service.

Gurdeep Nayer, Bailli Honoraire

Photos (c) Swahili Beach Resort