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Slovenia Dinner

Brezovica pri Ljubljani, October 18, 2012

Robert Trobec of Gostišče Pri Poku (lit. Pri Poku Inn) was inducted in September at our Chapitre. A full member therefore for just a month, it was clear from our dinner that the Bailliage has another outstanding professional member.

Gostišče Pri Poku has a long tradition that reaches back to 1793, the year when the inn was first mentioned at this location. It soon developed a reputation for quality and is known to have hosted famous personalities such as Napoleon Bonaparte.

Photos (c) Gostišče Pri Poku

‘Pri Poku’ can be translated as ‘at Bang’s’ – the origin of this name being in sparkling wines which can make a loud pop on being opened. A lot must have been drunk in the two hundred plus years of the inn’s existence to justify the name! Situated on the main road between Vienna and Trieste, the inn enhanced its reputation as a meeting place and for its accommodation, as the scene of parties and conversations, where serious matters were mixed with rich meals.

Mateja and Robert Trobec took over the inn in 1992, renovated it and gave it new life. The restaurant has gradually evolved into an inn with a concept – going green as the future, a friendly and personal relationship with their guests and of course the heritage of the past.

Our dinner began in the wine cellar where we tasted a delicious homemade sausage in buckwheat bread, as well as mushroom pate with onion marmalade and pancetta with quince. Champaign Drappier Brut NV added a special note to the whole experience in the wine cellar.

Afterwards we moved to the dining room for the dinner. All the courses were in accordance with the concept of the inn: the combination of the traditional cuisine of the past with that of the future, represented by a modern innovative presentation and style.

Below is the menu in pictures … all superbly taken by Tomaž Dular, Officier.

Nina Kumse, Dame de la Chaîne

Tarragon-marinated char with persimmon purée (Wine: Champagne Drappier Rosé)

Duo of Autumn soups

Prunes and cheese wrapped in bacon (Wine: Protos Crianza 2003, Ribera del Duero - Spain)

Rosehip sorbet

Roasted truffled fillet of veal (Wine: Niepoort ‘Redoma’ 2005, Douro Valley - Portugal)

Orange pumpkin and apple cake with caramel cream foam (Wine: Fernando de Castilla Sweet Sherry - Spain)