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Sultanate of Oman Dinner

Muscat, October 7, 2012

On April 13, 1840, a rather weather-beaten wooden sailing ship, the Al Sultanah, dropped anchor in New York harbour after a hazardous voyage across the Indian and Atlantic Oceans, starting in the Sultanate of Oman.

To everybody’s surprise a flamboyant envoy of the Sultan, clad in colourful Arabic robes, raised the Sultan’s ensign and declared the ship to be Oman’s new embassy in the United States.

Five months later the Al Sultanah set sail again on its return journey to Oman. Completely overhauled on the President’s order, it left behind memories that would keep tongues wagging at many a New York dinner for many years thereafter.

To celebrate this amazing voyage the Bailliage of the Sultanate of Oman held a dinner in the eponymous restaurant in the Shangri-La Barr Al Jissah Resort, whereby each dish on the menu was inspired by one of the ports of call of the Al Sultanah on its journey home.

Executive Chef Marc Cibrowius and his staff, amongst other courses, treated us to:

- New York tower cake with smoked quail and micro greens

- London beef tea with foie gras, Sherry and pearl barley

- Napoli linguini with baked divers scallops and coral sauce

At the end of this amazing gastronomic journey all the ‘passengers’ aboard the Al Sultanah agreed that the Omani sailors of yore must have had a magnificent cook on board if this was the fare that they enjoyed on their voyage spanning half-way around the globe!

Robert Weener
Bailli Délégué