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Indonesia Orphanage Visit

[Bailliage of Jakarta] Kalimalang, September 23, 2012

Official visit to Yayasan Sanggar Anak Akar for the launch of our Assistance Program:
‘Chaine for a child, Chef for a child’

The theme, ‘Chaine for a Child, Chef for a Child’, was inspired by our stated objective to start offering support and financial assistance to underprivileged children through initiatives and charitable aid programs.

Throughout all the exceptional dinners that we have had the pleasure to experience over the past two years, and thanks to our most supportive hosts, we have been able to create sufficient funds from the ticket price to get the program off the ground.

The formal launch was on September 23rd when we visited Yayasan Sanggar Anak Akar (Sanggar Anak Akar Autonomous School), in Kalimalang, Jakarta.

Paid for by the fund we took basic food necessities and individual members took books and clothes to donate.

The orphanage is a shelter for children from all walks of life giving them opportunities to develop self-confidence, learn basic skills and become as independent as possible.

Most of them are ‘street children’, orphans, abandoned children or victim of domestic or narcotic abuse, children from imprisoned parents or even single parents who cannot take care of them.

At the moment, the participants of the Autonomous School are children from lower class families who have been denied any kind of welfare assistance.

Our Bailliage Council was delighted that so many members participated in expressing solidarity with the children and sharing some of our happiness with them. So much so that the children were very excited about our visit and had prepared a special surprise for us.

Lilian Khaw, Bailli