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France Gala Dinner

Bailliage of Bordelais, Bordeaux, January 21, 2012

The annual gathering of the Bailliage of Bordelais in the ‘Salon Sauternes’ of Bordeaux’s Regent Grand Hotel is an occasion to enjoy the great gastronomic and convivial pleasure that can come from participating in an elegant Gala Dinner.

Members of the Bailliage were joined by fellow members from the neighbouring Bailliage of Périgord, as well as by invited friends who were thus able to discover our Confrérie, its customs and purpose. Hopefully this will be a prelude to these guests deciding to join our ranks.

Maître Rôtisseur Pascal Nibaudeau once again had decided to surprise us and it is clear that he succeeded in this challenge by devising an outstanding menu, the complexity of the mixture of flavours being matched only by the undeniable aesthetic presentation of the courses.

The entertainment for the evening was arranged by Dominique Naboulet, Vice-Conseiller Gastronomique, (a formidable quiz) and Michel Delcourt, Vice-Chancelier (a raffle with the star prize being dinner for two offered by Pascal Nibaudeau in the Regent Grand Hotel’s Restaurant Pressoir d’Argent).


Bernard Seignat
Chancelier of France & Bailli of Bordelais


Caviar from Acquitaine
Smoked sturgeon, cucumber, double cream, granite, shallots and fresh oysters

Red Tuna and glazed Foie Gras
Green apple, sushi rice, marinated ginger, soya seasoning

Oysters and shellfish “marinière”
Curry, lightly crunchy fennel, girolle mushrooms, ginger and citrus fruits

Roasted young Pigeon from the Bassin d’Arcachon Pigeon with Octopus
Peas “St Germain” style, woodland mushrooms, Tandoori flavouring, bacon and red pepper coulis

Poivron, framboises
Confit of pimento and raspberries, purple foam, Genoa cake, pistachio nuts, crunchy chocolate

Hot drinks


Champagne Veuve Clicquot NV

Château Galoupet, Côtes de Provence crû classé 2009

Château Haut Nouchet, Pessac Léognan 2004

Château Champarel, Pécharmant 2005

Bailli’s discourse

In the 5th century BC the Athenian philosopher Empedocles listed the four elements that governed the universe: Earth, Air, Fire and Water. A century later, Aristotle, another Greek philosopher, added a fifth element, the Stars.

This evening, Maître Rôtisseur Pascal Nibaudeau, who is probably also a great philosopher and who certainly had thought of his illustrious predecessors, created a menu themed on these five basic elements:

- Earth: with the vegetables so beautifully embellishing our plates

- Air: within which grew up the pigeons of the Bassin d’Arcachon

- Fire: the energy that powers his ‘piano’

- Water: through the seafood, fish, shellfish and caviar

- Stars, what can I say? But, goodness me, is that not a shining star on the base of the silver duck press!