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Canada Grand Chapitre

Halifax, October 25-28, 2012

The Bailliage of Nova Scotia was pleased to host the 51st Grand Chapitre. Our National Council, visiting Provincial and local Baillis and confrères from across Canada enjoyed a wonderful weekend of events surrounded by Halifax’s renowned mix of energetic city and beautiful coastal scenery.

The event began on Thursday evening with a ‘Chef’s Table Dinner Dine-Around’ offered by two Chaîne member restaurants: Chives Canadian Bistro and Gio. Then early Friday morning, as the National Final of the Jeunes Chefs Rôtisseurs Competition was being held at Nova Scotia Community College, Chaîne members were able to participate in one of two unique tours covering the history and beauty of Halifax and surrounding countryside.

On Friday evening, a welcoming reception catered by Chives Canadian Bistro was held in the wonderful Halifax Citadel National Historic Site. A short walk from the host Prince George Hotel, the Halifax Citadel is home to the 78th Highland Regiment. This star-shaped fortress has presided over the city since the early 1800s. Its hilltop setting provides a commanding view of the city and harbour.

The National Council meetings were held Saturday morning at The Prince George Hotel.

At the conclusion of the meetings, the National Board of Directors, local Baillis, confrères and guests adjourned to a wonderful luncheon complemented by great wines at Season’s Atlantica Hotel, hosted by Executive Chef Luis Clavel and General Manager Ally Rehemtulla, both members of la Chaîne.

Alternatively, confrères took part in a Wine Enthusiast Tour and lunch, spending a leisurely day experiencing the wineries of Nova Scotia and scenic beauty of the Annapolis Valley.

On Saturday evening, Josie Richard, Bailli of Nova Scotia, opened the festivities by greeting all in attendance at the Induction Ceremony. In a special presentation, Chancelier Vince Parkinson recognised Bailli Délégué David Tétrault with the Gold Star for his dedication to the Chaîne in Canada and internationally.

In his capacity as a Member of the Conseil d’Administration, Bailli Délégué David Tétrault presided over the Induction Ceremony. Two members were recognized for their tremendous efforts in making the celebration weekend such a success: Josie Richard, Bailli of Nova Scotia, received the National Silver Star and Dr. Raymond LeBlanc, Bailli Honoraire, received the Bronze Star.

Following the ceremony, Jim Jaworski, Bailli of Manitoba, thanked Josie and her team for the wonderful event. Jim then spoke about next year’s National Meeting and Grand Chapitre, inviting everyone to join with him in Winnipeg.

Attendees retired to the Banquet Room at The Prince George Hotel for a Champagne Reception. Opening the Gala Dinner, Bailli Délégué David Tétrault welcomed everyone. He thanked Craig Norton, Director of Operations at The Prince George and presented him with a gift of appreciation. The event moved smoothly through a series of seven superb courses perfectly accompanied by exquisite wines.

At the conclusion of the dinner, a live band entertained with renditions of the music of the ‘60s, ‘70s and ‘80s. Truly a wonderful grand finale to a wonderful evening!

Eric Jones, Chargé de Presse