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Switzerland Jeunes Chefs Rôtisseurs

2012 National Final held in Passugg

October 27, 2012 ... it is dark outside. Snow is falling onto the autumnal leaves outside the Swiss School of Hospitality and Tourism SSTH in Passugg situated in the mountains high above the city of Coire.

At 7.30am the seven competitors taking part in Switzerland's 2012 National Final of the Jeunes Chefs Rôtisseurs Competition met for a first cup of coffee. For the first time in 15 years there were more young women than men competing. At 8am sharp, the serious business of the day commenced. First, it was to compose a menu using the selection of ingredients. Soon after, the chefs were given the green light to put theory into practice. They had a little over three hours to create a three-course-menu.

I was able to observe the talented young chefs for the first time – and I was very impressed! In a calm, professional and highly focused way the young men and women chopped, peeled, baked, assembled, cooked and decorated dishes of a surprising variety of style and taste.

The jury – half of them professionals, half amateurs – also had a big challenge: to thoroughly evaluate each of the 21 dishes.

Yasine Zoss’s starter, a duet of carpaccio of scallops and salmon mousse, as well as his main course of rack of veal with an exquisite mushroom crust and cigarillos of potato-celery purée, were a delight and ranked best. His dessert was also the jury’s favourite and that was even though it had had to miss a few minutes in the oven. We therefore had a clear winner.

Yasine Zoss is currently working at the Lindenhofkeller in Zurich as a patissier. He proudly told me that his dessert is on the December menu at the restaurant. Not far behind in the marking were the Runner-up, Antonina Biebrich of the Hotel Palace in Lucerne and the Third placed competitor, Vanessa Lenherr of the Haus zur Eintracht at Oberriet.

All the competitors received hearty praise for the excellent skills and qualities they displayed, with special congratulations of course reserved for the winner who will now go on to represent Switzerland at the next International Final being held in Istanbul, Turkey, on September 6, 2013.

Renata Cavegn
Chargée de Presse