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Namibia Chapitre

Windhoek, November 17, 2012

The inaugural Chapitre for the newly-created National Bailliage of Namibia, together with the induction of its Bailli Délégué, Dr. Roland Lösch, took place in the official residence of Chargé d’Affaires Mrs Anne Saloranta, Head of Mission for the Embassy of Finland.

The establishment of the new national Bailliage had in fact been a joint effort between the  Embassy of Finland, the Polytechnic of Namibia, the University of Applied Sciences in Tampere (Finland) and the Bailliage of Finland, especially the local Bailliage of Tampere.

Dr. Lösch was inducted in August 2012 as a Chargé de Missions but given the excellent job he had done in preparing for the first Chapitre it was decided that he should be promoted to Bailli Délégué without further ado.

In superb weather, the welcome address was given outdoors on the terrace of the Embassy. For the Induction Ceremony – officiated by Antti Hemmi, Member of the Conseil Magistral from Finland - we adjourned to the more formal indoors but returned outside for the reception.

The Gala Dinner was held in the Restaurant Am Weinberg, the first restaurant in the country to be recognized as a Chaîne-member establishment. The menu was planned together with the Finnish and local chefs and had ingredients from both countries. It was a great success!

During the week before the Chapitre there were several enquiries from both Professionals and non-Professionals about joining the Chaîne. The cooperation and support from Finland will also continue, thus from this excellent start it seems therefore that there is good reason to anticipate growth in the new Bailliage.

Dr Antti Hemmi
Bailli Délégué Honoraire (Finland)