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Taiwan Dinner

Taipei, November 2, 2012

An event with the theme of ‘Fire and Ice’

Despite the Icelandic theme of ‘Fire and Ice’ this dinner did not take place on the iconic island nation in the North Atlantic but on the roof top garden of the W Hotel in Taipei.

Under a starry sky Executive Chef Martin Macleod produced a stunning variety of delicious and innovative hot and cold dishes The hot dishes were cooked on the spot on an open grill – the ‘Fire’ – and many of the cold dishes and drinks were served in or on ice of the normal and dry varieties – the ‘Ice’.

As the tables were placed around the open air swimming pool the atmosphere was at once casual and festive. The evening thus unfolded in a very enjoyable and convivial manner in the best traditions of the Chaîne.

Not surprising therefore that the event continued after the usual desserts and coffee. It carried on late into the night at the open bar next to the swimming pool that was spontaneously organised courtesy of Cary M. Cray, General Manager of the W Hotel.

Theo Stiftl, Chargé de Missions

Here is a 'wall' of selected images from the reception and the dinner . . .