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Israel - Hanamal 24

The restaurant that is the culinary jewel of Haifa

If you walk down Haifa’s Old Port, you’d never guess that in one of those old colonial barn buildings, behind a small metal door and up a small staircase, a gastronomic experience awaits.

There in the heart of the developing entertainment district in the lower city tier of Haifa is the restaurant that is Israel's culinary jewel of Haifa and the north. Located on the street of its name is Hanamal 24.

Originally constructed by famed architect Nathan Feibish as a gallery to showcase his skills in Tuscan-style design, Hanamal 24 has a unique interior. It combines gourmet food, rural Italian design and an ambience of abundance.

Guy Avital, one of the owners of the restaurant, is the man also behind Recital Danya. Along with his friend, chef Ran Rosh, they established Hanamal 24 with the aim of producing a perfect culinary experience. They proudly state: ‘our goal is to be at the pinnacle of fine dining in Haifa and the north’.

Chef Ran Rosh is a graduate of the Paul Bocuse Institute of Advanced Cooking in Lyon, France. He has worked in La Belle Otero – a Michelin two-star restaurant at Cannes on the French Riviera, after which he was chef/proprietor of Au Gré des Saisons, a restaurant on the outskirts of Paris.

Ran offers a menu influenced by cooking styles of both the French kitchen and influences from Italian and Mediterranean cuisine.

He is a proud and enthusiastic member of the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs.

The restaurant creates a new and different experience for diners in each and every space. With its central piazza, lounge, wine cellar and meeting room, Hanamal 24 can suitably accommodate guests at any hour and for any event, from a romantic and intimate evening, to business meetings and more.

Shimon Gruper, Chargé de Presse                                       With additional photos provided by Bailli Délégué Tal Gal-Cohen