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France Jeunes Sommeliers

Niederschaeffolsheim, March 25, 2013


Winner: Jérôme Georges - Restaurant la Carambole, Schiltigheim

Runner Up: Joël Brendel - Restaurant au Cheval Blanc, Lembach

Third Place: Marie Mattey - Restaurant le Faudé, Lapoutroie

Jérôme Georges, winner of this year’s National Final will represent the Bailliage of France at the International Final being held in the USA on October 18th in Washington DC.

The prize-giving was made during a lunchtime ceremony held at the Restaurant Au Bœuf Rouge at Niederschaeffolsheim. The theory and practical elements of the competition had also taken place at the restaurant during the course of the morning.

There was a wealth of prizes presented to the competitors. They ranged from gastronomic dining opportunities at restaurants in Alsace – all members of the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs – to numerous bottles of fine Alsace wines.

The decision to stage this year’s National Final in Alsace was made at the beginning of the year. The seven competitors came from Alsace (4), Burgundy (1), the Nantes region (1) and from the Midi-Pyrénées (1).

The competition comprised seven elements: a written exam, matching food and wines, a blind tasting of six wines, demonstrating practical skills: serving a sparkling wine; decanting a red wine, commenting on a sample wine label and lastly describing in English a given wine’s characteristics.

Gilbert Mestrallet, Head Sommelier at the Restaurant Crocodile in Strasbourg and Bernard de Montlebert, Argentier of France, jointly chaired the panel of judges.

The competition was enhanced through the generosity of the following sponsors:
- Restaurant  Au Bœuf Rouge, Niederschaeffolsheim
- Restaurant Millésime, Strasbourg
- Domaine E. Loew, Westhoffen
- Domaine J.M. Bechtold, Dahlenheim
- Abbaye de la Pommeraie, Sélestat

    (All of whom are members of the local Bailliage of Bas-Rhin)

Grateful thanks are also due to Mrs Baldinger of the Hôtel-Restaurant du Faudé at Lapoutroie, who is a member of the local Bailliage of Haut-Rhin. Equally, we must not forget to recognise the generosity of Dilian Andriuzzi of the Cave du Roi Dagobert at Traenheim and Mr Riegert of the Cave de Cleebourg at Cleebourg.

Jean-Claude Donatin, Bailli of Bas-Rhin