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Italy Dinner

Udine, November 29, 2012

Bailliage of Udine / Friuli-Venezia-Giulia

‘Her Majesty the Truffle’ - an unforgettable evening

The 2-star Michelin-rated Restaurant Agli Amici di Godia at Udine was the location for an unforgettable dinner dedicated to ‘Her Majesty the Truffle’.

Head Chef Emanuele Scarello, Vice-Conseiller Culinaire, was our generous host and creator of the evening. He had invited visting chefs from Croatia, Slovenia as well as from Verona, to join with him in paying hommage to ‘Her Majesty the Truffle’.

Needless to say that with such a talented ensemble, the exceptional menu was a symphonic masterpiece. The splendid perfume of the truffles provided an immediate clue that the Chefs had started their work in the kitchen.

The first course was the responsibility of brothers Teo and Tullio Fernetic. They had come from their San Rocco Boutique Heritage Hotel at Brtonigla in the heart of Croatian Istria. Teo, the Chef, presented ‘Quiet Waters’ – a sea bass soup with truffle and ‘sea foam’. It was even accompanied by a Croation wine: a single-vineyard dry Muscat made by Koslović.

Following the tremendous first course came Tomaž Kavčič, Chef at Restaurant Pri Lojzetu at Dvorec Zemono near Vipava in Slovenia. Tomi is not just a chef - he is much more than that. He is an artist who creates the most beautiful, delicious and accomplished dishes. For our menu he prepared an exquisite dish of truffles, duck and sweetcorn cooked in a clay pot covered with clay. An edible carnation decorated the dish!

At the midpoint of the extravaganza, it was the turn of our host, Emanuele Scarello, Chef of the Ristorante Agli Amici di Godia, to charm us with a sublime pizza. Emanuele has travelled and breathed inspiration everywhere, nevertheless he considers his mother Ivonne as the sole and concrete cooking teacher. She taught him sensitivity and soul in cooking.

The Costardi brothers, Christian and Manuel, came from their Ristorante Cinzia in Verona to provide the grand finale. Christian’s creation was a super risotto flavoured by the ‘fruits of the forest floor’, including of course, truffles! Manuel really surprised us with a mille-feuille dessert with mushrooms and truffles, with Nutella providing the element of sweetness.

Truffles galore therefore! However the most important ingredient throughout the evening was the contagious spirit of friendship between the chef protagonists. Their generous hearts made for a spectacular party between all of them and our Chaîne.

Bruno Peloi