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France Dinner

Boulazac (Périgueux), February 1, 2013

Bailliage of Périgord

“Dinner by 5 Chefs” at the Périgord Hotel School

The mood was very buoyant in the kitchens of the Périgord Hotel School at Boulazac on the rainy afternoon of Friday, February 1st.

Gathered there were keen, diligent students, Maîtres Rôtisseurs from the Bailliage of Périgord Bailliage, journalists, photographers and teachers: concentration for some, concern for others, excitement for everyone involved!

It was time to prepare the famous “dinner by 5 Chefs”, dedicated to the truffle. Preparations had been underway for nearly a year. We take up the story in final minutes before the big event.

For maximum publicity, to raise the profile of the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs and promote its chefs and regional products, the Périgord Bailliage came up with the idea (well, actually, it was a chef, Vincent Lucas from the Etincelles in Ste Sabine and Born who had the idea first) for this event.
                                                                                                                        Photos (c) Nicolas Ravinaud

Enabling this project to come to fruition were Marie, Pierre, Eric and both Vincents. On the day the atmosphere in the kitchen was wonderful as people worked together thoroughly enjoying and benefitting from the experience.

66 guests took their places around tables laid and beautifully decorated by 1st year BTS students from the School. Other students were in the kitchen, assisting the 5 Chefs. Six winegrowers selected by the chefs were invited to present their wines (generously provided by themselves) for each corresponding dish as it was presented.

During this iconic dinner the guests were treated to the following dishes:

Hot mini baguette with truffle butter
Vegetable roll infused with truffle, white fish tartare with truffles

The Chefs: 1st year students - BTS Hôtellerie-Restauration, The Périgord Hotel School
These delicious nibbles were accompanied by a Chardonnay from Château de la Jaubertie marketed by Cave Julien de Savignac, a partner of the Bailliage of Périgord

Runny egg yolk ravioli, truffle foam, egg white royale
The chef: Vincent Arnould (Le Vieux Logis). This dish was accompanied by a 2009 ‘Révélation du Bois de Pourquié’ from Monsieur Mayet at Conne de Labarde

Poached foie gras, vegetable and truffle broth
The chef: Marie Rougier (La Tour des Vents) who selected a 2010 dry white Bergerac, Cuvée ‘Lisa’, from Julien de Savignac

Erquy scallops with truffles, creamy truffle polenta
The chef: Eric Jung (Les Glycines) who chose a 2010 white Bergerac ‘Anthologia’ from the Conti vineyard

Suckling pig with truffles, winter vegetables and fruits, served with truffle jus
The chef: Pierre Corre (Auberge de la Truffe) for whom Jocelyne Pécou from Château d’Elle suggested a 2009 Pécharmant

Cabécou croquette
The chef: Vincent Lucas (Les Étincelles)
The wine: Château Combrillac ‘l’Inédit’ 2010 – a red Bergerac from Florent Girou

Refreshing mango soup with truffles and Tasmanian pepper
White chocolate blancmange with a brandy snap garnish
The chef: Vincent Lucas (Les Étincelles)
The wine: Clos de Breil, Côte de Bergerac moelleux by Yann Vergniaud

The evening was memorable not only because of the quality of the dishes and the wines. The inventiveness and generosity of the Chefs who graciously gave their time to the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs as well as the unconditional involvement of the Hotel School, the pupils and the teachers was exceptional. We are incredibly grateful to them all.

Claire Veaux, Bailli (and Chargée de Missions (Concours), Bailliage of France)

Photos: Manuel Quatrebœufs, Vice-Chargé de Missions, et Nicolas Ravinaud