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Kuwait Gala Dinner

Falaheel, December 3, 2011

The Bailliage of Kuwait enjoyed a delicious seasonal Gala Dinner in the Teatro Restaurant at the Hilton Resort Kuwait.

Not only was there a fantastic 7-course menu, we had the opportunity to have live music performed and to watch sugar artists prepare for the final course – all of which made the evening one very much to remember!

The end of year seasons were reflected in every dish through the romantic colours of Autumn and Winter, together with all the ingredients the seasons offer.

Chestnuts in a chestnut cappuccino with roasted porcini, beetroots in a beetroot carpaccio with hazelnut dressing, herby gnocchi with rocket and butter sauce, pan-fried Subaity[1] (Sea Bream) with spinach, a lemon lime refresher, roasted rack of veal with sauce forestière, baby carrots and polenta, and a Tarte Tatin with gooseberry ice cream.

A wonderful ride through the time of the year where the Chef and the hotel team did an excellent job in presenting their creative cookery with an inspired presentation of the ingredients that nature offers during the festive season. 

Soumaya El Azem
Chargée de Missions


The Subaity is one of the most sought-after fish in Kuwait. People always pride themselves with catching one as it is one of the most intelligent and cautious fish.