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China Chapitre

Beijing, December 3, 2011

During this Chapitre of the Bailliage of China held at the St Regis Hotel in the heart of Beijing, 18 new members joined our Confrérie and there were 7 promotions. The St. Regis Beijing has the reputation for exemplifying luxury, elegance, and impeccable service. We were not to be disappointed.

Our own Bailli Délégué, Vlad Reyes, Member of the Conseil Magistral, presided the inductions. This ceremonial occasion gave the opportunity for the members to see Vlad for the first time since his appointment to the Conseil Magistral, also for Beat Müller to be formally introduced as Bailli of Beijing.

Afterwards everyone gathered for a lavish cocktail reception. Giving the opportunity of mingling amongst old and new faces, wishing left and right a Merry Christmas, updating each other on life in Beijing and reunions among old friends, the reception was an important and most welcome part of this event.

However, just like clockwork, on the stroke of eight o’clock we were invited to enter the hotel’s ballroom, where speedily and efficiently the 88 members, friends and guests in attendance were shown to their respective tables.

A traditional short speech of welcome was made by Bailli Beat Müller and then by our honoured guest, Inducting Officer Vlad Ryes. As part of the welcome the opportunity was taken to remind everyone of the history of our beloved Chaîne des Rôtisseurs and of course to reiterate the rules of the table.

Chef Robert Conte and his team spoiled us with an excellent dinner. At the end of the evening there was great applause for the kitchen and service brigades, and a special vote of thanks was given to our good friend and fellow member, Ugur Talayhan, Executive Assistant Manager of the St Regis Hotel, who had organized the event for us.

With culinary regards
Beat Müller, Bailli of Beijing