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Lithuania Chapitre

Vilnius, May 26, 2013

The Gourmet Hotel-Restaurant Stikliai hosted our 2013 Chapitre.

Seventeen new members were dubbed and presented with their Chaîne regalia during an intimate Induction Ceremony presided over by our own Bailli Délégué, Romualdas Zakarevičius.

The Gala Dinner that followed was a fascinating experience for both the new members and those with many years’ membership.

Bailli Délégué Zakarevičius is the owner of the Stikliai. Working together with his Executive Chef Lino Bražinskas, who is also a Chaîne member, an intriguing menu was put together. Chef Bražinskas and the highly-skilled kitchen brigade prepared the five course festive feast of seasonal products to perfection.

The members and guests attending the gala event were treated to ...

- Dandelion salad

- Ravioli filled with false morels and flavoured with saffron

- Trio of fish served hot with truffles and micro salad

- Quail stuffed with foie gras, with pistachios, braised kale, green peas and Port sauce

- Chocolate delight with white chocolate truffles and pistachio ice cream

Our 2013 was another ‘success story’ thanks in no small part to the enthusiasm and interest of all of our members who attended, not to mention the skill and experience of the Stikliai’s chefs.

Rasa Ščeponienė, Chancelier