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Uganda Dinner

Kampala, May 11, 2013

Chef’s Table event at the Sheraton Kampala

In view of the high demand this event held in the kitchens at the Sheraton Kampala was yet another Members’ only event with just enough space for 10 guests.

Having been given few advance details as to what they might expect, the members where delighted when shown to their tables as here we were sitting in the very kitchen that caters for the formal Chaîne Events in the Victoria Room and the main banquet hall.

A very well decorated round table with an array of wine glasses and cutlery promised to be a long night. Indeed the menu comprised ten courses with 8 different wines. The selection of the dishes varied from the fusion cuisine to Middle Eastern and a secret Italian home made recipe.

Seeing Excutive Chef Robert Knuckey and his team in action is truly amazing. In the background of our dinner the kitchen kept on serving food for the hotel guests. All the while the plating of our courses happened right in front of us. Every plate was literally custom made.

We managed to get to the dessert (which was not easy) and once again we were astonished how much more one can eat when the tastes are just irresistibly so good.

The wine selection provoked much discussion as all wines were perfectly selected for this casual, very interesting and great night.

We would like to thank Chef Knuckey and his team for hosting us in their kitchen and for the great service we received.

Olivier Meganck
Chargé de Presse