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Turkey Visit

Aydin & Izmir, May 24, 2013

Bailliage of Antalya

Ordre Mondial members of the Bailliage of Antalya visited the winery and the vineyards of Sevilen Wines, one of the oldest winemakers of Turkey with 160 hectares of vineyards.

The visit commenced in their new winery near the ancient city of Magnesia in Aydin. The premises were built a few years ago, started bottling last year and are furnished with the latest technology.

We followed the ‘footsteps’ of tons of grapes from surrounding vineyards, as well as from Denizli Güney, a flourishing vineyard region at 900 metres (3000 feet) above sea level. The visit ended with a tasting of nine different wines under the guidance of Enis Güner, Vice-Échanson of the Bailliage of İzmir, and a member of the third generation Sevilen wine family.

The next stop was at their İsa Bey vineyards near Izmir airport. It is there that Sevilen Wines have established an excellent restaurant together with facilities both to enjoy nature whilst learning about the intricacies of wine making and how to choose wines.

The special menu, prepared by their Chef, Ergun Mutlu, and Chef Rôtisseur Barış Torcu from the Mövenpick Hotel Izmir, ended with ‘Mother’s yoghurt dessert’ made at home especially for us.

The vineyards, the winery and the restaurant of Sevilen gave us an excellent opportunity to appreciate the hard work as well as the special care for grapes that the Güner family has practiced since 1942.

Tunҫ Uluҫ
Bailli d’Antalya