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Slovenia Dinner

Komenda, May 10, 2013

Rain might stop golf being played but it did not affect our golf-themed ‘Chaînolf’1 dinner!
Despite the inclement weather we were able to gather on the terrace of Gostilna Čubr for many tasty morsels: grissini, pretzels with cheese, delicious veal liver, and home-made sausage with horseradish. All of these snacks were cleverly presented retaining the relationship between tradition and innovation.

For the dinner the very first dish was excellent: thin strips of cold smoked Adriatic sea bass perfectly complemented by the sweet/sour taste of pomegranate and cress. Risotto of young rabbit followed. Of course, given the season, asparagus featured with this course.

Next came pasta with shellfish sauce. The Čubr kitchen brigade imaginatively named the pasta ‘Bishop’s hats’ although in my opinion the appearance was more like the classic caps worn by ordinary priests. However, this detail is superfluous as the taste was impressive!

The sorbet was certainly innovative being made from dried prunes cooked in red wine from Cabernet Franc grapes. This introduced the main course of roast lamb from the Savinja Valley (in NE Slovenia) with oatmeal and morels.

A dessert with nougat ice cream as the centrepiece gently melted in the mouth impressing with its magical aroma and cool creamy consistency.

Each course was partnered with a wine from the Ščurek Winery, one of the largest family-run producers in Slovenia. Situated in the Goriška Hills near the Slovene seaside and Italy, the Ščureks have remained faithful to fresh but full-bodied wines. We discovered that these needed a little time to develop in the glass. When they did there was no stopping them!

At the end of evening relatively little coffee was consumed, proof that we wanted to retain the great taste of this dinner. Congratulations to Maître Restaurateur Miha Potočnik, Anita and the team in the kitchen.

Prof. Dr. Janez Bogataj
Conseiller Gastronomique

1 Chaîne + golf = Chaînolf