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Turkey Wine Tasting

Istanbul, July 4, 2013

Bailliage of Istanbul - ‘Welcome to summer’ Wine Tasting

The Ordre Mondial section of the Bailliage of Istanbul organised a wine tasting event in the garden of Şans Restaurant to celebrate the hot summer.

Unlike the other wine tasting events where we normally feature selected wines from a specific wine producer, this was the first time to feature a specific wine style (rosé) from various Turkish producers.

Altogether nine different rosé wines were available thanks to the generous support of the following wineries: Kayra Terra, Suvla, Doluca, Pamukkale, Urla, Barbare, Prodom, and Arcadia.

Vice-Échanson Burҫak De Desombre, winner of the 2010 National Final of the Jeunes Sommelier Competition was our expert for the evening. She gave us a wealth of information on the varieties of grapes used by each of the nine producers as well as the different techniques for making rosé wine.

At the end of this unique experience, Bailli Délégué Mohamed Hammam thanked Burҫak, the owner of the restaurant, and all nine wine producers for their contribution to the success of this event. Niso Adato, Échanson of Turkey and owner of Şans Restaurant, invited everyone to enjoy a glass of their preferred rosé from amongst the nine tasted ones to bring the evening to a close.

On a hot summer’s evening it was indeed a very refreshing and cooling Ordre Mondial event.

Mohamed Hammam, Bailli Délégué