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Thailand - Alan Kam

Introducing the Bailli Délégué

From finance to gastronomy

Business career

Alan Kam, ‘Khun Alan’, has more than 30 years of international practice in the financial and capital markets. His experience covers corporate, real estate, treasury, trade finance, private banking, investment banking and management in New York, London, Los Angeles and Bangkok. He has worked with Kasikorn Bank, Standard Chartered Bank and Merrill Lynch & Co.

Prior to starting Libertas which provides a financial consultancy service, he was formerly the Country Manager of Transpac Capital (an arm of DBS Private Equity in Thailand), CEO & one of the founding shareholders of Aberdeen Asset Management and CEO of Manulife Asset Management in Thailand.

For the past 15 years, Khun Alan has focused on financial advisory, private equity and investment & wealth management business. Khun Alan received his MBA from the University of Denver, USA. He is a lecturer of Finance at the Faculty of Commerce and Accountancy, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand, and a Fellow, Chartered Director and Facilitator of the Thailand Institute of Directors. He is also a Member/Facilitator at the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Chaîne Career

Alan joined the Confrérie in 2007 swiftly becoming a Vice-Conseiller Gastronomique. In 2009 he was promoted once more to become Conseiller Gastronomique for the National Bailliage. With his knowledge of and special appreciation for fine food and wines he was ideally suited to the role of nominating event venues and selecting the menus.

In 2010, he became Échanson principally to develop the Ordre Mondial within Thailand.

In March 2014, the year in which the Bailliage celebrated its 40th anniversary Alan became Bailli Délégué.

Aspirations and vision

When asked for his thoughts on the future for the Chaîne in Thailand, Alan replied:

1. First and foremost, I will continue to improve on the quality of our monthly dining events. For instance, the Bailliage in Bangkok takes pride in hosting quality dinners paired with the best quality wine. We will endeavour to have ‘unique themed dinners’ as well as entertainment from time to time for our members.

2. Expand the membership base to recruit both Thai and expatriate members, especially relevant in Bangkok. Thailand’s capital city has an expanding group of younger gourmands who have studied overseas and during this time developed a refined taste for food and wine. I would like to bring in this younger group.

3. Strengthen the financial standing of the Bailliage. Bangkok has made great strides in building up a strong balance sheet. It is now independent and financially capable of buying its own wine to use at events. Having a strong financial standing will hopefully allow Thailand to host an International Final of the Jeunes Chefs Rôtisseurs Competition in the years to come.

4. Refine and strengthen the National Council so that everyone who sits on it fully contributes to the Chaîne.

5. Work with the local Bailliages to promote more exchange of ideas and joint dinners.

6. Work with the local officers to expand the recently-revived Bailliage of Eastern Seaboard in Pattaya.

Marie Jones, Managing Editor

The Bailli Délégué with his officers