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Sweden Celebration Dinner

Stockholm, February 27, 2012

After an intense competition and the anticipation of the prize-giving ceremony, it is our tradition in Sweden that there is the opportunity for everyone to enjoy some outstanding food.

This year was no different and again following tradition, the celebratory Dinner is the signature piece of the previous year’s National Jeunes Chef Rôtisseurs Competition winner in that he or she prepares their winning menu for everyone to savour. This is thus the grand finale of a year of glory as the Bailliage of Sweden’s best young chef. In addition it also gives the students at the school great training for the future.

Invited guests for the event are the jury, the competing young chefs and their friends, relatives, colleges, staff from the school and of course quite a large number of members. The Chef in charge of this years’ dinner was Andreas Edlund, who was the winner in 2011. Assisted by his team of friends and students from the Stockholm Hotel & Restaurant School, Andreas ensured that the event was a huge success.

We started with veal with creamy Savoy cabbage. Then it was sole meunière, followed by rosemary-roasted saddle of lamb. The menu concluded with frozen pear and apple mousse with black pepper-caramelised pineapple, chocolate cream.

Well plied with Champagne, great wines and even a special vodka which had been distilled from seven different varieties of potatoes, when it came to leave we all were quite well ’protected’ from the wintery conditions outside.

An added bonus of this annual dinner is that it is also a great medium for recruiting new members. After all there are not many better things to do in Stockholm on a Monday evening at the end of February!!

Carl Wachtmeister, Bailli Délégué