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Portugal Lunch

Cascais, March 17, 2012

Bailliage of Greater Lisbon

The new team of the Bailliage of Greater Lisbon led by the new Bailli, Dr. Fernando Messias, started 2012 with a top-quality event at one of the best Michelin-starred eateries in the area: Fortaleza do Guincho at Cascais.

Whether you are looking for a general relaxation or to escape the rigours of work, Fortaleza do Guincho is the ideal location. Strategically built back in the 17th century as a fortress, it still holds its noble and strong position overlooking the Atlantic Ocean albeit these days with exquisite elegance it welcomes visitors rather than repelling invaders in its previous incarnation.

At the end of the superb lunch we enthusiastically expressed our warm appreciation to Chef Vincent Farges and Sommelier Inácio Loureiro for enthralling us with a food and wine combination of outstanding quality. In particular, the main course of Black roast loin of pork, with mushrooms and asparagus, had generated much anticipation among the members and indeed it lived up to expectations.
Fernando Messias, Bailli