Portugal Grand Chapitre 2017
Lisbon, March 23-26, 2017
Looking forward to welcoming you to our beautiful city!

It is a great honour for the Bailliage of Greater Lisbon to be hosting the 2017 Grand Chapitre of the national Bailliage.

Lisbon welcomes you with a rich cultural heritage that continues to grow every day. Discover the legacy left by the civilizations that inhabited the city throughout the centuries and the homage paid by artists. Let the river and fado embrace you and enjoy those so special things that make Lisbon unique.

You will see from the comprehensive programme (available to download via the link below) that gastronomy is to the fore but with culture not forgotten. Adding in more than a touch of camaraderie makes for the perfect set of ingredients to create a fantastic event in true Chaîne style.

On behalf of the Bailliage of Portugal I look forward to welcoming members and their guests from around the world to our beautiful city of Lisbon.

Fernando Messias
Bailli of Greater Lisbon

Click here to download the detailed programme provided by the Bailliage
(nb. it includes the reservation form for those wishing to book)