Italy Grand Chapitre 2017
Torino, May 18-21, 2017
A warm welcome awaits you in May
" It is in the palace's sumptuous 'Salone Juvarra' that the Gala Dinner will be held on the Saturday evening "

Piedmont is Italy’s second-largest region and it is arguably its most elegant area: a purveyor of Slow Food and fine wine, regal palazzi and an atmosphere that is superficially more French than Italian. But digging deeper you’ll discover that Piedmont has ‘Made in Italy’ stamped all over it.

I sincerely thank my friend Maurizio Giordano, Bailli of Torino, for his great commitment, together with that of his officers and members, to the organization of this 49th Grand Chapitre of Italy.

Thanks to his huge effort, this coming May we will meet in Torino (Turin), a place dear to all of us, as citizens of Europe and of the rest of the world. The illustrious history of this city, with its marvellous architecture, is well known; its vast culture has been and still is a recognized symbol.

One of the most beautiful palazzos in Italy is the Reggia di Venaria (see the photo centre left and if you have the time then do watch the video using the link above). It is in the palace's sumptuous 'Salone Juvarra' that the Gala Dinner will be held on the Saturday evening.

Below you will see are links for downloading the comprehensive brochure – in either English or Italian.

We are very much looking forward to warmly welcoming all who wish to come and share the delights… Barolo, chocolate and white truffles to name but three … of the Piedmont region and its fine capital city.

Vive la Chaîne!

Roberto Zanghi
Bailli Délégué

For the English version brochure click this link: programme

For the Italian version brochure click this link: programma