USA 40th Anniversary Chapitre
Bailliage of Monterey Peninsula
Pebble Beach (CA), December 11, 2016
Honouring founder members Ted Balestreri, Bert Cutino and Pierre Bane

As 2016 came to a close the Monterey Peninsula Country Club hosted the Bailliage for the celebration of its 40th anniversary - a remarkable longevity for a gastronomy association, considering that nowadays good food and wines are so readily available everywhere in the world. This is why the Bailliage continues to set the bar higher each year.

With a small group of local chefs, restaurant owners and gourmets, Ted J Balestreri started the Bailliage of Monterey Peninsula in 1976. After opening the legendary Sardine Factory Restaurant in 1968 on Monterery’s Cannery Row with his friend and business partner, Bert Cutino, Ted quickly gathered a local following of people who truly appreciated great food and wine. In 1975 he was inducted into the Bailliage of San Francisco and started the Bailliage of Monterey Peninsula the following year.

Over the years, the Bailliage has become known for the best of what the Chaîne is, friends, fantastic food and wines, uncompromising events and a time at the table way beyond most people’s dreams.

A good balance of chefs, restaurateurs, sommeliers, winemakers and gourmets makes up the Bailliage’s 60 members amongst whom it can boast ten with over 30 years’ membership and five with over 40 years.

Recently at Gala Induction event – presided over by Hal Small, Member of the Conseil d’Administration and our own Bailli Délégué – three of the still active founding members were honoured, namely: Ted Balestreri, Bert Cutino and Pierre Bane.

As well as inducting and promoting members, Bailli Délégué Small also awarded Ted Balestreri with the Bailliage of USA “Gold Star” for starting the Bailliage. Ted’s constant dedication and inspiration these past 40 years has made the Bailliage of Monterey Peninsula one of the best examples of what Chaîne membership can offer its members.

Mark Burger
Vice-Chargé de Presse

Photos courtesy of Michael Troutman (