Singapore Dinner
January 7, 2017
Feast of Japan - a celebration of the New Year

Our first event of each year (the Gregorian calendar one) usually features Japanese cuisine. This year was no exception with 80 members and guests packed into “Eat at 7” in Suntec City for our unfailing favourites.

We started with frozen sake cocktails and/or Champagne Jacquesson ‘Cuvee 737’ complemented by a selection of canapés:
- Seaweed cup canapé with uni-ikura and monk fish liver
- Japanese snapper roll with bottarga garnish
- Deep-fried mochi plate with mentai, Russian black caviar and uni

The visual spectacle of watching a MasterChef expertly dissecting a 70kg Blue Fin tuna caught in the seas around Japan and flown directly to Singapore proved not only to be great pre-dinner entertainment, but the anticipation amplified our appetite and cravings.

The flesh was so fresh and delicious that it impressed everyone. This is no idle boast! Our local Bailliage conducts members’ surveys of food quality. The resulting sashimi dish of “fresh cut of Northern Blue Fin tuna belly, semi-fatty belly and red meat” was voted the Silver Prize winner for 2016.


Tuna cutting show
akami, chutoro, otoro sashimi

Braised Japanese Blue Fin tuna
chutoro, onsen egg

Japanese oyster with homemade tofu
with Japanese-Korean spicy soup

Hokkaido scallop with ise-ebi (rock lobster)
lobster cream sauce

Gunma Wagyu beef roast
miso, sweet soya sauce, wasabi

Prawn and foie gras anago roll
truffle rice, Port wine tempura sauce

Clear chicken yuzu ramen

Amaou strawberry catalana
mascarpone, grana padano cream

To complement the Japanese feast, amongst other fine examples, we enjoyed excellent Junmai Ginjo sakes, including a Daiginjo, the highest grade of sake where the rice grain must be milled to 50% or less of its original size. It is brewed using only rice, water, yeast and koji, without any other additives.

A fine Japanese whisky (Hibiki 12-year old) - very popular nowadays - was the perfect ending to a wonderful evening. The conversation and laughter demonstrated the total satiation of culinary and spiritual appetites of all.

David S W Jen
Chargé de Presse