Slovenia Dinner
Komenda, March 24, 2017
Upholding the ideals of the Chaîne at Čubr

This year’s dinner at Čubr was exceptional as were all the dishes and wines. Flavours were outstanding, so much so that such a dinner could easily be a model for Slovenia’s arrival on the European and world culinary scene.

The menu started with three greetings from the kitchen, namely:
- oatmeal with black trumpet mushrooms
- slices of fried lamb lungs
- with fried dried pork skin.

All three were examples of presenting innovative contemporary Slovenian cuisine. After this introduction a parade of remarkable dishes began.

First was lightly-smoked trout with lemon mayonnaise. This was followed by an unprecedented, visually beautiful dish of smoked frog’s legs adorned with spring plants and their flowers. Continuing the presence of spring a wild garlic soup with Pustotnik sheep’s cheese was perfectly fused with 2016 Guerila Pinela, a Slovenian white wine with an intense bouquet of tropical fruit aromas.

Another exceptional dish delighted us next: ravioli with liquid filling from muscat pumpkins with sage and truffles added. Chef Miha Potočnik chose the superb 2013 Batič “Angel” Grand Cuvée. Principally made from hand-harvested Pinela (40%), Chardonnay (20%), Malvasia (20%) and Rebula (10%), this biodynamic white wine from the Vipava district was a delight in every way.

For the next course we returned to freshwater produce in the shape of crayfish with young nettles. Again, the combination was with an excellent wine: 2010 Guerila Rebula served from magnums.

Refreshing the palate was a sorbet made with white mould cheese, plum puree, apple sauce and Slovenia vodka. It was served in bottles cut in half.

For the main course Danube salmon fillet with vegetables wrapped in parchment paper lived up to expectations, as did the dessert of strawberries and chocolate.

The whole evening was very enjoyable. With its fine dining and evident camaraderie it certainly fulfilled the ideals of the Chaîne.
Prof Janez Bogataj
Conseiller Gastronomique