Australia Dinner
Bailliage of Margaret River
Margaret River, March 4, 2017
A foodies' heaven at Leeuwin Estate

An excited group of foodies converged on Leeuwin Estate to be treated to excellent food and outstanding wines.

The evening commenced with a very special guided tour of our hosts’ art gallery. Denis Horgan and his delightful wife Tricia showed their collection of Australian artworks which have graced Leeuwin Estate Art Series wines’ labels for more than 25 years.

The magnificent jarrah wood-lined private tasting room was next. Ably assisted by their very knowledgeable employee, Denis and Tricia guided us through a tasting of Leeuwin’s three ranges: “Siblings”, “Prelude” and the world-renowned “Art Series”.

An entertaining raconteur, Denis shared his love affair with the Margaret River, his vineyard’s fascinating history (dating from 1969), and how Robert Mondavi became involved in the inception of Leeuwin Estate. Back then there were just five working wineries in the region compared to 250 today!

Once seated in the upstairs dining room with glasses of sparkling wine, Bailli Thurston Saulsman welcomed the group then the foodies’ feast commenced.


Freshly-shucked South Australian oysters with lime
Museum Release 2009 Art Series Riesling

Crisp, emerald green, Carnarvon asparagus
onion, olive, white anchovy and yolk
2015 Art Series Sauvignon Blanc

Barbecued Esperance scallops with ceviche
2012 Art Series Sauvignon Blanc Semillon

Grilled marron (delicate freshwater crayfish)
Szechuan butter
Museum release 2010 Art Series Chardonnay

45 days’ dry-aged Black Angus sirloin
anchovies, cumin, eggplant, Wagyu fat, heirloom tomato
Museum release 2010 Art Series Cabernet Sauvignon, Margaret River

Gutshofer Ziegenkaese*
Museum release 2011 Art Series Shiraz

Macadamia white chocolate ice-cream
honey, thyme

It was a wonderful evening. A very big thank you went to Chef Dany Angove and our most gracious hosts the iconic Margaret River personalities, Denis and Tricia Horgan.

Thurston Saulsman

* A goat's milk cheese produced using traditional techniques and aged in warm cellars for up to 8 months. At the end of the maturation process the cheese is then rubbed in caramel giving the cheese a sweet salty finish.