China Dinner
Bailliage of Beijing
Beijing, March 18, 2017
'Dinner in the Lab' at the Sofitel Wanda

Forty members and their guests gathered for “Dinner in the Lab” at the Heritage Restaurant of the Sofitel Wanda Beijing. The assembled group would have been as comfortable in lab coats as in their suits, ties, dresses and ribbons.

The menu was an exploration of the experimental. The evening was divided into two experiments: “Experiment with Cocktails” and “Experiment with Dinner”.

At the reception, Louis Auger Champagne was paired with appetisers including frozen tubes of lobster consommé and crunchy sesame and tomato lollipops.


Poached quail egg with caviar
on a crouton with sea urchin mousse
Petit Chablis

Poached marinated lobster
artichoke barigoule, aromatic herbs
Dourthe N°1 Sauvignon

Double beef consommé
braised oxtail tortellini, smoked vegetable brunoise
Ricasoli Brolio, Chianti Classico DOCG

Pan-fried scallops
Parmesan faro risotto, roasted porcini mushrooms, red wine reduction
Côte de Beaune ‘La Vignée’ - Bouchard Père et Fils

Lemon and basil sorbet, fresh basil leaves
Frozen vodka

Duo of lamb
confit of shoulder and roasted loin
pumpkin mash, crumbles, lamb jus
Château Pey la Tour

Citrus declination
crunchy meringue, hot chocolate sauce
Grand Marnier

A touch of praline and pistachio
Coffee and tea

Continuing the programme of delicious yet non-traditional events, our members are now looking forward to the next dinner in Beijing when Indian cuisine will be on the menu.

Steven Schwankert
Vice-Chargé de Presse