Germany Grand Chapitre
Frankfurt am Main, May 11-13, 2017
Tradition reigned supreme

This year’s programme of national events began with a Grand Chapitre in the imposing city of Frankfurt. Where else would you find such a mixture of modern and ancient worlds combined into fascinating unity?

Benoît Fragnière, Member of the Conseil d’Administration, had travelled from Switzerland to represent President Atallah as our Inducting Officer. He joined the German members in an outstanding location namely the Lufthansa Aviation Center. Normally closed to the public, Lufthansa, as a Chaîne member establishment, hosted the welcoming evening on the Thursday.

The following day numerous excursions could be booked such as visiting the former Cistercian monastery, Eberbach Abbey. On account of its Romanesque and early Gothic buildings it is considered one of the most significant architectural heritage sites in the Germany Federal State of Hesse. As well as its architecture and surrounding vineyards, it is also famous as the location for filming many of the interior scenes of the movie: The Name of the Rose. Other tours explored Frankfurt’s international airport and of course the city itself, including a tour of the skyscrapers.

Sightseeing makes you hungry. Therefore there were three restaurants to choose from in the evening.

In accordance with the long-standing tradition in Germany, the Induction Ceremony was conducted on Saturday morning. Held at the InterContinental Hotel Frankfurt, the sun, our by now usual companion, shone on a scene of happy members out on the terrace for the reception afterwards.

Concluding three days of events the Gala Dinner took place in the gorgeous stately hall of the Palmengarten, an Art Déco greenhouse in the middle of the city. The splendour of the hall was matched by the elegant crowd gathered for the finale. Almost 300 members from Germany and from countries such as Austria, Lebanon, Switzerland and Venezuela attended. We spent an amiable evening enjoying a superb menu prepared by two Michelin 2-star Chefs.

Barbara Tritschler
Pair de la Chaîne