France Chapitre
Bailliage Provincial of Bretagne Pays de Loire
Brissac-Quincé, June 24, 2017
A wonderful day

This Chapitre of the Bailliages of Maine and Nantes held at the Château de Brissac was a truly fantastic experience.

The day began with glorious sunshine and a steady stream of guests arriving from all over France and, indeed, the world.

After the courageous among us had climbed up four flights of stairs on foot, we were stunned by the magnificent setting for the Induction Ceremony presided over by the Inducting Officer Maître Albert Hankenne, Member of the Conseil Magistral from Belgium.

Here it was that 23 members stepped on to the stage to be inducted or promoted. We were also lucky enough to be able to induct eight young international chefs who had come to (re)discover the art of French cuisine from Officier Maître Rôtisseur Sidney Bond, Director of the private cookery school, “Le Calabash”.

After much applause and having enjoyed the sound of traditional and ceremonial hunting horns in the theatre, we took a few photos against the backdrop of the beautiful staircase, before making our way to the lovely terrace, where amuse-bouches and champagne were served.

The aperitif was followed by an excellent “surf and turf” lunch accompanied by wines provided by the Marquis of Brissac before enjoying some sweet treats brought from Belgium by Albert Hankenne - chocolates, what else?

Here is the menu to which we were treated:

- Crémant de Loire ‘Domaine des Closserons’ with amuse-bouches

- Trout, foie gras and leek terrine and Coteaux du Layon
- Veal and pork filets roasted in brioche, Cabernet d’Anjou jus
- Brie de Meaux and Comté AOC, hazelnut oil salad
- Green apples and caramelised apples dessert
- Coffee / Tea

- Anjou Villages, Château de Brissac
- Sauvignon, Domaine des Closserons, Faye d’Anjou

After this delicious lunch, we took the opportunity to stretch our legs and explore the secrets of the castle on a guided tour!

For this wonderful day we would particularly like to express our appreciation to our Inducting Officer and to the Marquis of Brissac for his warm welcome and catering.

Furthermore, to the members of our Bailliages, the Bailliage of France and friends who guided, supported and helped us organise this outstanding event: thank you so very much.

Stéphanie Auzanneau-Lavarda, Bailli of Nantes
Jacques Binoist, Bailli Provincial of Bretagne-Pays de la Loire
Laurent Grenier de Cardenal, Bailli Délégué