Sweden Nobel Banquet 2017
Bailliage of Stockholm
Stockholm, December 11, 2017
Experience the menu the day after the official event
" Looking forward to seeing you in Stockholm on December 11th! "

The “Nobel Banquet” held in Stockholm on December 10th every year is one of the most famous media-covered dinners in the world.

Naturally, it is an event to which lots of people would like to be invited. However, “only” 1,300 - with the Swedish Royal Family as honoured guests - are invited by the Nobel Foundation to dine at City Hall.

Nevertheless, from the very next day it is possible to order the menu at Restaurant Stadshuskällaren, one of our Chaîne member establishments. The restaurant is in fact part of City Hall and is also responsible for the Nobel Banquet’s catering every year.

Throughout the year you can pre-order the menu from as far back as 1901, but be aware, the food was not better in the old days! The latest menu is always at the top of the gastronomic ladder.

During the first decades, traditional Escoffier-style cuisine was the norm. Today though, it is considered important that the menu has a very strong Scandinavian influence. New techniques also make it possible for culinary adventures as far as taste and presentation are concerned. Sustainability and food in season, not always easy in our long, dark winter months, are also very important.

Since Maître Restaurateur Robert Andersson and Chef Rôtisseur Magnus Akerström at the Restaurant Stadshuskällaren became members of the Chaîne, they have successfully hosted Bailliage of Stockholm dinners serving the previous year’s Nobel Banquet menu.

In 2016, in a departure from previous years, the Bailliage had the opportunity to sample that year’s menu on December 11th, i.e. the day after it was served at the official guests!

The dinners are prepared by the Nobel Banquet chefs. The wines are the same and the beautiful Nobel dinnerware and elegant glasses designed by Gunnar Cyrén are used.

So, in December this year, we would be delighted if members of the Chaîne from near and far came to Stockholm to share this experience. Whilst in the country’s capital city, why not take the opportunity to also visit other top restaurants which are members of the Chaîne.

Should you be interested then please do contact Vice-Argentier Cristina Ingvarsson by e-mail at cristina.ingvarsson@telia.com

Looking forward to seeing you in Stockholm on December 11th! 

Catarina Offe, Conseiller Culinaire

(Translated from the original Swedish by Margareta Henry, Chargée de Missions Honoraire)

NB. The food photos illustrating this web page and in the gallery are from the Nobel Banquets held in 2014, 2015 and 2016.


Photo 1: Scenic evening view of Stockholm City Hall

Photo 2: First course at the 2014 Nobel Banquet: Cream of cauliflower soup, mosaic of red king crab, peas and lemon pickled cauliflower florets. © Nobel Media AB (2014) / Photo - Helena-Paulin Strömberg

Photo 3: Main course at the 2016 Nobel Banquet: Quail from Södermanland with Jerusalem artichoke and wild mushrooms. © Nobel Media AB (2016) / Photo - Dan Lepp

Photo 4: Dessert at the 2015 Nobel Banquet: Coffee and almond flavoured “cherry blossom”. © Nobel Media AB (2015) / Photo - Dan Lepp