Hong Kong Chapitre
January 23, 2018
Themed: The art of France gastronomic delight night
" The climax of the dinner was the sumptuous classic French Gateau Opéra for dessert "

It was a very successful Gala Induction evening at the Ritz Carlton Hotel - reputed to be the world’s tallest hotel. The event was themed “The art of France gastronomic delight night”.

Amongst the many honoured guests was Eric Berti, French Consul General for Hong Kong and Macau.

Upon entering the venue guests were greeted by an exhibition, on loan from the Hong Kong Gallery, featuring the renowned French artist Thierry Pertisot. Each guest received a valuable numbered limited edition print created especially for our Chaîne event.

We were honoured to have Allen Wong, Member of the Conseil Magistral from China, as Inducting Officer. Thirty-three members received their first Chaîne regalia, were promoted and/or awarded medals.

The dinner, held in the glamorous Diamond Ballroom, was attended by 180 members and guests. Executive Chef Peter Find, Conseiller Culinaire, and his talented brigade dazzled us with unique culinary delights including a dramatic grand entrance of “Les Frères Merchand 1880s” cheese selections. Matching wines were carefully selected by Sens Wine Cellar Ltd.

The climax of the dinner was the sumptuous classic French “Gateau Opéra” for dessert followed by the sweetest treats of mini ice cream lollipops accompanied by chocolate dips and condiments.

During the Gala Dinner guests were entertained by the mystical performance of Calvin, a famous Hong Kong magician.

Bringing the gastronomic delight to a close, much appreciative applause and congratulations were given for the superb effort by the kitchen and service brigades in presenting outstanding food immaculately served.

Steven Kahn
Bailli Délégué