Denmark Dinner
Copenhagen, March 4, 2017
Italian and Nordic cuisine mixed - with unexpected results

Restaurant Brace was the venue for our March dinner. It was opened just a month ago by the owners, Maître Rôtisseur Nicola Fanetti and Maître Restaurateur Ursula Waltemath. Judging by the rave reviews already received from the press, things were looking very promising for our dinner.

Chef Fanetti has an impressive résumé. He was the youngest head chef at a Michelin-star restaurant in Denmark (Era Ora). Felix Chamorro as the Head Sommelier, a well-known name in the Copenhagen gastronomic scene, is also part of the team.

On arrival we were greeted with champagne and delicious canapés as we mingled and chatted before dinner.


Risotto - cauliflower - pine
Peter Jakob Kühn - Rheinschiefe - Riesling - 2015

Brussels - hazelnut - pork crackling - pork glaze - hay ash
Longarica - Riversu

Black salsify - white root - celery root juice - garlic pulp
Fanny Sabre - Burgundy - 2015

Hanger steak - black garlic - dragon kale - blood orange
Giacomo Fenocchio - Barolo - 2012

Green apple - kiwi - beetroot
Forteto Della Luja - Moscato D’Asti - 2015

Mascarpone - malt - akvavit

Officier Maître Rôtisseur Thorbjørn Moy and Denmark’s Échanson and Sommelier, Jens Steffen Hansen, gave a very positive appreciation for a fantastic evening with a well-prepared dinner and wine pairing.

Thorbjørn especially highlighted that mixing Italian and Nordic cuisine together with some brave choices worked very well resulting in the unexpected. The only thing he could put his finger on was that the ‘Nordic’ version of tiramisu with mascarpone, malt biscuits instead of langues de chat, schnapps instead of Marsala and malt sprinkles instead of cocoa - it was simply not big enough!
The very friendly, attentive yet at the same time ‘invisible’ service staff were highly praised for their work. Truly an evening to remember!

Torben Søemod
Conseiller Gastronomique