Great Britain Dinner
Bailliage of London City
London, June 9, 2017
Food to wow any palate!
" Guests were treated to a scintillating dining experience "

The Bailliage held its first dinner at the ‘cathedral to taste’ that is Oliver Maki, serving as it does Japanese cuisine with a Mediterranean twist.

The event was arranged by Bailli Richard Christou together with Oliver Maki founder and managing partner, Officier Maître Restaurateur Oliver Zeitoun and his team. On the evening it was supervised by Yara Zeitoun, Director of Oliver Maki London, together with award-winning Group Executive Chef, Maître Rôtisseur Louis Kenji Huang, and Group Operations Manager Officier Maître Restaurateur Toufic Salloum.

Guests were treated to a scintillating dining experience, highlighted by exclusive, mouth-watering dishes like Forest Haze Salad, Oliver Maki Sushi Jewels, and Terrarium Matcha Tiramisu. The event was a great success and truly wowed guests in terms both of taste and presentation.

The group has previously hosted equally successful Chaîne dinners in Kuwait and Bahrain. Oliver Maki London's event was its third instalment of this prestigious gastronomic gathering which is always attended by knowledgeable professionals and gourmands.  

We were honoured that Mohamed Najia, Bailli Délégué of Kuwait, made the journey to London for this one event where he was joined by Philip Evins, Bailli Délégué of Great Britain.

Further, accolades of appreciation were awarded to the establishment from both the London City and Kuwait Bailliages.

Yara Zeitoun