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World Chaîne Day 2019
Saturday April 13, 2019

Date for your diary!
Remember to take part!
Show your pride at being a member!
Feel the spirit and global togetherness!
Be active on social media!

World Chaîne Day in 2019 will be on Saturday, April 13th, however events arranged on the evening of Friday 12th and any time on Sunday 14th can also be included under the World Chaîne Day banner.

Get together...

… at official Chapitres
… in Chaîne member restaurants displaying the Chaîne plaque
… at lunch or dinner events around the world
… on cruises or trips
… in local Bailliages and with local members
… in your home by inviting members and friends for a breakfast, lunch, dinner or just cocktails

Most importantly, get together throughout the world with social media.


The World Chaîne Day spirit is one of celebration. Whether it is an organized event large or small or something private just for yourself, remember to post it on social media.

Wear your ribbon

The best-known symbol of our Confrérie is the ribbons. Wear your ribbon on April 13th - especially if you are a working Professional member. Proudly show your membership.

Follow, post and share

Be active on social media. Follow what’s going on and share what you are doing during the day. Post pictures and greetings. But remember to use pictures only from that day. NB. To maintain the etiquette, please do not post material from outside World Chaine Day events.

Social Media Wall

Two types of social media wall will be in use.

One will randomly show images from the incoming feed. This does not show all the incoming material, but works best for dining events and public occasions using feeds supplied to big screens.

The other version is scrollable and will show all the incoming material chronologically. This works best on personal devices, laptops, pads and smart phones.

Photo Competition

As last year, the Jury will go through all the social media feed material and make “best picture” awards. [Ed. See separate instructions for the Photo Competition]

Graphic layout

The new dedicated World Chaîne Day logo was used widely in 2018. The same successful graphic layout will be in use this year. The graphic design identity also includes “C” patterns which can be connected as a chain. Naturally we encourage the creative use of this element of the visual identity for World Chaîne Day. [Ed. For more details see the instructions for the WCD Identity Design]

Chaîne Logo

This year we will put importance on creative and innovative use of the Chaîne logo. Best ideas and pictures will be published.

Remember hashtags

Hashtags are essential. Remember to add the following to your postings:

Further help

Should you need further help or have any questions, please send an email to

Let's celebrate through out the world on Saturday, April 13th!

Ari-Pekka Parviainen
Chair, World Chaîne Day Organizing Committee
Member of the Conseil d’Administration

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