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How to use the Social Wall
There will be two types of Social Wall in operation

One updates material automatically as it comes in. Postings are shown in chronological order.

This type is best suited best for public events, dinners, etc, to be displayed on a wall or large screen. Simply keep it running during the evening and follow the incoming material as it is posted.

The second type is best for personal use via phones, tablets and laptops. It shows all the incoming material in chronological order and it is scrollable.

How to follow incoming postings

Links to both Social Wall types will be published on the home page of the Chaîne’s international website (

Just click and you are in. No password needed.

You can copy and share the link freely. NB. It is recommended that National Bailliages copy the link to their respective web pages.

How to make your own posting appear on the Wall

Essential is the use at least one of the hashtags: #chaineday, #worldchaineday, #chainedesrotisseurs.

Remember to attach the hashtag with your picture or text.

All Twitter postings with hashtags will appear directly on the Social Wall.

Instagram Business account postings with hashtags will appear directly on the Social Wall.

Instagram Basic account postings will also appear, but will not show the person’s name.

Facebook does not support our Social Wall. However we can link some Facebook accounts to it, in which case all the postings made to these Facebook sites will appear to the Wall.

The official international Chaîne Facebook account and the dedicated World Chaîne Day Facebook account will be linked to the Social Wall.

If you would like your Facebook postings to appear on the Wall, you must share it to one of these accounts.

Refresh time for postings to appear will be about 10 minutes.

When is the link available?

The Social Wall link will be open and publicised one week before the WCD weekend.

Last year we noted that there was quite a lot of incoming material regarding the preparations for various World Chaîne Day events around the world.

We feel that it is worth sharing this with everyone - to raise awareness and increase engagement.

Accordingly we will start active marketing shortly. Weekly notifications will start to appear in social media.

Ari-Pekka Parvianen
Chair, World Chaîne Day Organising Committee
Member of the Conseil d'Administration
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