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USA Dinner

Miami, August 10, 2014

Bailliage of Greater Miami soirée to honour Italy’s Bailli Délégué

Meeting members of our extended Chaîne family around the world is one of the Chaine’s greatest treasures! In the summer of 2013, Bailli of Greater Miami Nancy Radlauer, Bailli Provincial Southeast Charles Radlauer, Chevalier Lewis Eastlick and Vice-Chargée de Presse Maria Eastlick, attended their first International Chapitre in Pavia, Italy.

Especially delightful was the Radlauers’ ensuing friendship with Roberto Zanghi, Bailli Délégué Italy, and his charming wife, Petra, Pair de la Chaîne. On learning that the Zanghi family would be visiting Miami we were excited to introduce them to our Bailliage members.

Our sold-out event at a Fish Called Avalon in the heart of South Beach’s Art Deco district commenced with a champagne reception and pass-arounds of grilled octopus, curried “Bang-Bang” shrimp and beef Carpaccio.

The tables were set with beach-themed menus, roses and commemorative gifts. Executive Chef Kal Abdalla amazed us with his creative ingenuity at every juncture.

A ‘four-onion’ soup appeared; a flavourful mélange of leeks, onions and chives brimming in a hollowed out, roasted whole onion. We feasted on duck breast with caramelized papaya graced with a delicate cassis-lavender sauce and revelled in the succulent tarragon and sake-glazed spiny lobster tails. The pièce de résistance was Kal’s signature Sicilian pistachio soufflé - a perfectly delectable ending to a sensational summer soirée.

Bailli Nancy Radlauer warmly thanked Executive Chef Abdalla in appreciation of his outstanding contributions and awarded his staff with service pins. Roberto and Petra Zanghi with their daughter, Francesca, were presented with personal gifts to remind them of their visit to Miami.

Thanks to the Chaîne, as Ambassadors for the Bailliage of USA, we are so fortunate to have the opportunity to create friendships around the world; friendships to last a lifetime!

Nancy Radlauer, Bailli of Greater Miami
Charles Radlauer, Bailli Provincial Southeast Region